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Blog Writing Services

People often intend to write a blog because they know the value of it but here’s the reality—they never get around to it or they post so sporadically that they don’t get noticed. It’s a thorn in their side. Timely blogs with fresh, compelling original content are the way to increase traffic to your website and gain new customers. Once I determine your target audience, I’ll create a dialogue with them that will hook them into wanting to learn more. And it is all SEO friendly.


With these package options, you receive the original content and determine when and where you’d like to post it.

blog writing

SEO Friendly Blogs [500 words]

Contact me for quote.


This includes an initial brainstorming session to determine your target audience and content for each blog. Includes meta descriptions for your SEO pleasure.

SEO Friendly Blogs [1200 words]

contact me for quote.

This is perfect for those that want a little more in depth look at a topic. It’s a great way to establish yourself as the expert. This includes an initial brainstorming session to determine your target audience. Includes meta descriptions for your SEO pleasure

Web Content

Need some fresh content to liven up your website? Many people invest substantial effort and money in their initial website and then forget about adding new content. That’s a big mistake.


Website content packages range from revising your current website or building a brand-new website. Your website is your storefront to the world. Just like a brick and mortar store, it needs maintenance and love. Content is that investment in the future growth of your business.

Website Content

Hourly & Book Coach

Book Coach

Think of me as your very own personal trainer. I’ll whip that book right out of you and get you in tip top shape—if that is your desire. But seriously, many of us require accountability and direction when taking on something as big as writing a book. A book coach will help keep you on track as you move along the rocky road from idea to book publication.

Developmental Editing & Book Coaching



Pricing available on a per-project basis. Contact me Contact me here for a complimentary consultation.

Author Accelerator

Book Blueprint Program

The best place to start is on solid ground. That’s why I’ve created the six-week Book Blueprint Program. Your outline is the blueprint to your book, consider it to be like the sturdy foundation of a building. Would construction companies consider building without a blueprint? Let’s hope not. The same goes with writing a book. The outline holds the structure of the book together. The strength of your book lies in its foundation. You don’t want cracks or gaping holes. Your foundation is a blueprint to your success. By taking the time to build a strong foundation, you will save time and money in the process. This investment alone is worth its weight in gold and is affordable.

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