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Writing a book can be a lonely process. You won’t want to go it alone and you don’t have to when hiring a developmental editor. It is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make and here’s why: writing a book can be chaotic and confusing. Why not hire someone whose been through the process time and time again and can be your guide ultimately saving you time and money? In other words, why reinvent the wheel?


A developmental editor provides a thorough and in-depth edit look at the overall structure and style of the book. Expect some dig deep queries which will help determine if your book is structurally sound. Honest feedback can be crucial too along with an added bonus of an accountability partner.

The best place to start is on solid ground. That’s why I’ve created the six-week Book Blueprint program. Your outline is the blueprint to your book, consider it to be like the sturdy foundation of a building. Would construction companies consider building without a blueprint? Let’s hope not. The same goes with writing a book. The outline holds the structure of the book together. The strength of your book lies in its foundation. You don’t want cracks or gaping holes. Your foundation is a blueprint to your success. By taking the time to build a strong foundation, you will save time and money in the process. This investment alone is worth its weight in gold and is affordable. For rate information, click here.

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